Greek Mountain Tea has always been a part of the culinary traditions of the Greek countryside, and has been enjoyed as a hot beverage for centuries, thanks both to its great taste and therapeutic qualities. As such, the harvesting of the Sideritis flower is an ancient ritual which typically begins in mid-June or July, when the plant is in full bloom. Although the window of opportunity to collect the flower is a brief one, the harvesting must be done with the utmost care, by hand, so as to not injure the plants and allow for them to blossom again. A full grown, healthy plant can provide us with blossoms for up to eight years.

The tiny yellow flowers are harvested in small batches and tied in bouquets. After they are cleaned of any foreign matter and carefully hung in sheds, in order to dry. The drying takes approximately eight days and the dried flower bouquets can be kept for up to three years, if they are protected from moisture.